Podcast 010: Stop telling Dems they have no choice but to vote for Hillary

Telling your Democratic allies that they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton is a losing argument and tantamount to shooting yourselves in the foot.

Republicans are motivated by fear and anger. Democrats are motivated by hope and efforts to improve the current situation. They’re motivated by ideas to prepare for the future.

With that in mind, there’s this funky-ass attitude floating around on the political left right now originating from some Hillary Clinton supporters against those who support Bernie Sanders.

Some of these people outright say supporting Bernie Sanders is futile or that the people supporting Sanders are stupid for holding on to a pipe dream. Sanders’s supporters are sometimes accused of helping a Republican win the election — an election that’s over a year away, by the way.

Whether you like it or not, Bernie Sanders is helping to energize a Democratic base of people who were not feeling Hillary Clinton, and wouldn’t have become involved in the political process this early on. Did I mention the election is over a fcking year away?

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