Reparations is only divisive if you think Black American descendants of slavery shouldn’t get it

Yes, Jimmy Dore called reparations “unbelievably divisive” at the end of his show on May 19 2023. It made me angry enough to turn off the show right then. This of course is my problem with leftists. 🤷🏿‍♀️ I’m over this ‘fvck your kneegrow-specific problems and focus on things I can benefit from too’ attitude from the left. Miss me with this ‘wait-your-turn’ politics. 🤷🏿‍♀️

Reparations is the targeted redress of centuries worth of theft, ⋔∪rd∈r, medical experimentation, environmental t∈rʁorism, and financial predation suffered specifically by Black American descendants of slαv∈ry. That includes everything from Jim Crow to gentrification too.

Reparations is based on lineage, NOT race. Anyone pushing blanket reparations from the American government for “all Black people” is either misinformed or trying to purposely cause the catastrophic failure of any future reparations policies/laws.

I gotta be laser-like focused on Medicare for All? A “living wage”? In the midst of a gigantic transfer of inherited wealth to mostly non-ados people AND the creation of AI? Both of which could render our labor AND our disproportionately low incomes completely useless?? Get the fvck outta here.

What’s with the either-or scenario yall keep setting up? 🤔 What the fvck is wrong with yall supporting reparations? Just say you support reparations and mean it! I have no problem supporting reparations for Jewish victims and their descendants even though I’m not Jewish and none of my grandparents or great-grandparents got 1 penny from that policy. See how EASY this is if you’re a decent person?

Reparations only becomes a “divisive” issue if: (1) you won’t support it, (2) you think we don’t deserve it, (3) you think your relatives hate kneegrows more than they love you and your leftist wishes, or (4) YOU don’t want to risk being written out of the will of your racist relative for publicly supporting the policy.

Wait. Is that it? Maybe…it’s not that you fear reparations is a “divisive” issue. Maybe it’s the fact that reparations is “divisive” amongst you and your racist relatives. Is that what’s happening?🤔 If so, admit it and stop attempting to manipulate or bully Black people into shutting up about the issue.

Furthermore, I also support Medicare for all. See how easy that was? However, I DO have an issue if yall think Medicare for All — or any number of random class-only policies — is more important to my family’s life and future than full reparations. Get the fvck outta here. 🙄

I’d like the government to foot the bill for healthcare like a normal first-world country. But that’s not going to give Black women or their families the political or economic means to enforce merciless consequences for doctors who disproportionately endanger the lives of Black women during child birth. And that’s just one example.

Healthcare is regular sh!t that America is supposed to provide for all it’s citizens. That’s fine. But reparations is THE MOST EFFECTIVE thing to pull Black American descendants of slavery out of financial collapse. 🤷🏿‍♀️ It’s absolutely hateful to dismiss the immediate need for reparations by calling it a “divisive” issue.

The horrid economic condition of Black American descendants of slavery isn’t an accident. It wasn’t caused by fate, or chance, or happenstance, or any of that sh!t. We didn’t lose a game of poker or crap out at the tables.

These conditions were CREATED and MAINTAINED by a set of mercilessly enforced laws, policies and practices meant to target a specific group of Black people. Every entity was involved: from the ϝe⫐eral govt to local municipalities to individual homeowners and real estate agents.

This targeted theft cannot be rectified by all-lives-matter-economics. We ain’t gonna green-new-deal our way out of a wealth chasm. 🤷🏿‍♀️

However, as long as we’re cheerleaders for all-lives-matter-economics, it’s all good, right? The second we get SPECIFIC, yall muthafvckas got a problem. 😩 I’M OVER IT.

As a group, our wealth is nonexistent. Our wages have ALWAYS been ridiculously low. But we just have to sit and be reprimanded, like children, by leftists about how we’re being “divisive”, right? 😒We just gotta hush because we might upset those amongst yall who may pull their support for YOUR issues ’cause they don’t like reparations OR kneegrows, right? 😒

We gotta be cool and not rock the boat because you need your student loan debt to disappear before you can divert that money to buying a house, right? 😒 We just gotta shut up until yall get that Green New Deal passed, right? Man, please. 😒

I was OVER it when Bernie Sanders repeatedly got his a$s in front of cameras, microphones and all of creation pretending like he couldn’t fathom what reparations would look like for descendants of slavery. I’m done with watching yall continue to play in our muthafvcking faces over the issue of reparations.

This isn’t up for debate. You won’t change my mind about this. You can stay mad, but you’re going to do it in the parking lot. 🤷🏿‍♀️ I said what I said.

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