Short and Sour: Know what the fck happened before prematurely moving on

November 11, 2016 whisperwatch 0

@whisperwatch – An argument I’m hearing among the left after this 2016 election concerns moving on and “uniting” before knowing what the fck happened.  People are trying to shepherd folk away from spending serious time analyzing what went wrong and which decisions made by which people/politicians caused “President Trump” (bleh!)

There’s nothing futile about pinpointing what went wrong and attempting to make people understand how their head-in-the-sand reactions to facts caused it. We can’t paper over how this came to be with shallow unity.  Shallow unity isn’t a long term fix and is easily broken with the slightest challenge.

I say this because people are still walking around here making excuses for why the unsinkable Hillary Clinton sunk on her maiden voyage as a general election candidate.

Dear Media, Please Stop Pretending to be Psychic

May 4, 2016 whisperwatch 0

Just like I complained early last month in an article discussing “psychic” predictions from the media, I will again take the opportunity to implore the mainstream elitist punditry class to shut the fck up.  Just. Shut. Up.

Since the 2016 primary coverage began…in 2015… know-nothing pundits have made psychic predictions and multiple proclamations about who would be the eventual nominee for each party.  And we have repeatedly watched those predictions turn into dust right before our eyes.