Post-Election 2016 Nonsense

December 1, 2016 whisperwatch 0

Post-Election 2016 Podcast talking about Democratic stupidity, Dems blaming everybody but Hillary Clinton, and the party not understanding that the Republicans have been at war with them (and us) for a very long time.


Short and Sour: Know what the fck happened before prematurely moving on

November 11, 2016 whisperwatch 0

@whisperwatch – An argument I’m hearing among the left after this 2016 election concerns moving on and “uniting” before knowing what the fck happened.  People are trying to shepherd folk away from spending serious time analyzing what went wrong and which decisions made by which people/politicians caused “President Trump” (bleh!)

There’s nothing futile about pinpointing what went wrong and attempting to make people understand how their head-in-the-sand reactions to facts caused it. We can’t paper over how this came to be with shallow unity.  Shallow unity isn’t a long term fix and is easily broken with the slightest challenge.

I say this because people are still walking around here making excuses for why the unsinkable Hillary Clinton sunk on her maiden voyage as a general election candidate.

Adults in the Room Post Convention

July 31, 2016 whisperwatch 0

I say this to you as one Liberal adult to another:  F-ck every last one of you who seek to vote-shame American citizens and browbeat the younger generation into wallowing in an ocean of bullsh!t that your careless Neoliberal policies have created.  There.  I said it.

Consequences and Repercussions

July 25, 2016 whisperwatch 0

@whisperwatch – This nation may be about to deal with the consequences and repercussions of actions taken by the elites in both parties.  The Republican voters pushed forth Donald Trump as their nominee and the Democrats supposedly voted for what is clearly the weaker of their two candidates.

It’s time for Clinton’s corporate media allies to face reality instead of whining about Sanders’ voters

May 24, 2016 whisperwatch 0

A number of recent polls now show Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a statistical tie.  But Clinton fans and her allies in the media are desperately trying to convince the public to dismiss the very measurement by which they so effectively promoted her candidacy in the past.  Some of the same polls show Bernie Sanders trouncing Trump by double digits which apparently makes it mandatory to ignore these new numbers.