Philadelphia Tribune Endorses Sanders, Blasts Clinton Record

April 24, 2016 whisperwatch 0

The nation’s oldest continually published African-American newspaper, The Philadelphia Tribune, has officially endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

In their endorsement, the Philly Tribune says Sanders “offers an inspiring message and a bold vision for America,” and that his policies are in the best interest of “African-Americans, specifically”

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials for Why Your Paychecks Are Still Low

April 22, 2016 whisperwatch 0

Bill Clinton has been allowed to get away with saying many things during his wife’s Presidential campaign. Today (Apr 21) he added one more thing to the list: attacking the demographic that is strongest in their support for Bernie Sanders.

According to the Huffington Post, Bill Clinton told people at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania rally that the “young people who are disillusioned now” should have voted in 2010 (midterm election), and because they didn’t, Democrats lost Congress.