Philadelphia Tribune Endorses Sanders, Blasts Clinton Record

April 24, 2016 whisperwatch 0

The nation’s oldest continually published African-American newspaper, The Philadelphia Tribune, has officially endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

In their endorsement, the Philly Tribune says Sanders “offers an inspiring message and a bold vision for America,” and that his policies are in the best interest of “African-Americans, specifically”

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials for Why Your Paychecks Are Still Low

April 22, 2016 whisperwatch 0

Bill Clinton has been allowed to get away with saying many things during his wife’s Presidential campaign. Today (Apr 21) he added one more thing to the list: attacking the demographic that is strongest in their support for Bernie Sanders.

According to the Huffington Post, Bill Clinton told people at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania rally that the “young people who are disillusioned now” should have voted in 2010 (midterm election), and because they didn’t, Democrats lost Congress.

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George Clooney Throws Clinton High-Dollar Fundraiser Under the Bus

April 17, 2016 whisperwatch 0

In an interview to be aired on Sunday, April 17, George Clooney may have thrown the Clinton campaign and the notion of high dollar fundraisers under the bus by telling the truth.

Clooney told host Chuck Todd he agrees with the protesters who showed up at the Friday night fundraiser and thinks it’s “ridiculous” the amount of money involved in politics.