Are “Asians” Suing to Hobble Other Minorities? πŸ€”

A NY Post article details how “Asians” are suing to end what they claim is preferential treatment for Blacks and Hispanics in an NY STEM program. Read the article for more info but let me get right to my response. The median income for Asians in the U.S is higher than whites. No, that’s not a typo. Congratulations! Asians have overachieved themselves right into NOT needing any special considerations or protections in this NY STEM program. πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ So why the constant complaints about the small sliver of qualified Blacks and Hispanics getting in?πŸ€”

The program recognizes “historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged” qualified students. This seems like it should only apply to Black American descendants of slavery and I’d bet a fair amount of “Blacks” in this program are from Black African and Caribbean families. I’d also bet the majority of Asians in the pool of qualifying students are neither underrepresented nor economically disadvantaged.πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

Do they want to replace all other minorities in all of these programs? Are they directly trying to use the government to enforce their competitive edge by stomping out all of their competition? Or are they just trying to ice-out Blacks and Hispanics? 🀷🏾

They’re trying to hang their hats on multi-millionaire Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans who can technically apply for the program, and they’re using that as a means to get rid of all special considerations for every historically disadvantaged group.

There is a minuscule number of millionaire Black Americans in this country in comparison to White people. 1 in 7 white FAMILIES are millionaire families vs 1 in 50 being “Black” families. But there is no disaggregation of the data for us to know how many of those “Black” families are Black African or Black Caribbean families who got here recently, and how many are Black American families whose ancestors were enslaved.

As of 2016, only about 1.9% of Black families in all of America were worth a million or more. So where are all these Black millionaire parents snapping up these NY STEM spots for their unqualified kids? They only exist in the minds of people looking for a reason to say ‘fck you’ to Black kids without being called hwyte supremacists.🀷🏾

And certainly these multi-millionaires won’t be falling all over themselves to put their kids into some random NY STEM program that’s open to all the poors. It’s simply not done, darling.

Someone on Twitter (yes, Twitter, nobody with sense calls it ‘X’ un-ironically) had the audacity to post “Black and Latino students qualify even if their parents are billionaires.” *deep sigh*

As of 2021, there were only 9 Black American billionaires in this country. NINE. Not even in the double digits. But this person is worried that some random Black billionaire’s kid is gonna get a spot in this NY STEM program that should rightly go to an Asian. The foolishly convenient logic. 🀷🏾

It feels like a deliberate undoing of every small gain or consideration Black Americans have fought for… for decades…for centuries… to acquire in a system rigged to directly advantage people who aren’t us. This apparently now includes Asians who generally have a higher median income than Black American descendants of slavery – and who also benefit from positive stereotypes – when they get here.πŸ€” πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

It honestly feels like a battery has been placed in the backs of Asian organizations by people who would otherwise be called hwyte supremacists for directly going after programs like this in this way. πŸ€”

Imagine a group of White people specifically targeting this program by claiming they’re being discriminated against because they make too much money. ‘Woe is me! I make too much money to get my kid into this program! You should make room for my kid by snatching any spot allotted to the poor kneegrows!’ It would never happen without MAJOR blowback.

But that’s basically what these “Asians” are arguing. They’re saying they make too much money for their kid to be considered for these finite number of spots because the program takes into consideration THE FCKING HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY.

So, basically it’s ‘fck the history of this country and give those spots to our kids even though we have more money on average than most… and we can go anywhere and apply for any program… without issue… because we’ve gotten rid of affirmative action’. 🀷🏾

Who owns the deep pockets funding these types of lawsuits?πŸ€” I would like to think “Asians” are purposely being weaponized against Black people by someone else. Otherwise, it means that “Asians” are just as keen to tap into hwyte supremacist narratives as the inventors of hwyte supremacy are.🀷🏾

According to PEW, only 21% of Asians think race should even be considered in college admissions. I wonder what that number would be if they were asked whether LINEAGE should be considered?🀷🏾

SCOTUS got rid of affirmative action and Asians are still complaining about their admissions into various programs. We told yall it wasn’t ‘us’ taking anything. Doesn’t matter. They’re prepared and economically positioned to spend thousands of dollars just on “consultants” and preparatory programs for their kids.

With this program, too, the “fight” is not with us. 🀷🏾 Stop trying to sue your way into domination by fighting AGAINST every level of consideration for people historically disadvantaged by this system in America.

There are American families… hundreds of years old in this nation… STILL dealing with the consequences and repercussions of Jim Crow, redlining, racist zoning ordinances and deed restrictions, medical experimentation, slavery, mass incarceration, environmental racism, predatory lending and other targeted exclusionary policies. How dare they see it as a problem for decision-makers to take into consideration the awful history of this nation.

Instead of going after legacy admissions and other biases that benefit White students, lawsuits like this seek to destroy the minuscule gains that are probably being afforded to Black immigrants anyway. Are they too scared to go after the people with the real power in America? πŸ€” I guess so. We won’t have to watch to guess how this will turn out for them. We’re all too familiar with how hwyte supremacy works.

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