Podcast 004: Fck Donald Trump

July 12, 2015 whisperwatch 0

Maybe Donald Trump has a problem with people who look like the people he employs being in positions of power in this country? Systems based on white supremacy coddle people like Trump and validate their opinions however baseless, classless and thoughtless those opinions are.

Gregg Jarrett Arrested: My, How the Smug Have Fallen

May 23, 2014 whisperwatch 0

The King of the Smug-faced Bastards over at Fox News got thrown in jail for turning into a drunk bastard in an airport bar at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport earlier this week.

In his mug shot, he’s looking very much the-perfect-pervert with a light smirk and a scruffy beard. 

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Anderson Cooper takes a switch to Amy Kushnir [VIDEO]

May 22, 2014 whisperwatch 0

Chile, Anderson Cooper dun grabbed a switch off the tree and tore into Amy Kushnir over the issue of the Michael Sam kiss! LOL!

Kushnir is that skinny heffa who had such a huge problem with Michael Sam and ESPN for showing Sam kissing his boyfriend after getting drafted into the NFL.

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Pat Sajak Loses His Damn Mind Over Climate Change

May 21, 2014 whisperwatch 0

Alternate title for those who are in my neck of the woods:
Pat Sajak Must Dun Lost His Goddamn Mind Up in Here

Pat Sajak needs to sit his a$s down somewhere.  The Wheel of Fortune gameshow host says that you’re an “unpatriotic racist” if you believe in climate science.  If you thought there had to be a reason why you get creeped out by Pat Sajak sometimes, maybe this is the reason.