Podcast 007: The Music Industry Ain’t Sh!t

I just think the music industry ain’t $hit right now.

I know that’s a attention-grabbing title, but these thoughts came after watching an episode of Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. (This is not a review or critique of the entire series Sisterhood of Hip Hop.) The following is my opinion. You ain’t gotta agree. If this isn’t about you or your experience, then I ain’t talking about you. Pump your fckin breaks and don’t take this as a personal affront. (I began to bleep the audio, but then thought fck it)

00:00 Intro
00:30 Execs expect artists to do all the damn work
01:12 Everything can’t be ‘eat the booty like groceries’
01:44 They control what we get to hear/see
03:00 Is music garbage right now?
04:15 Execs are scared to death or too lazy to invest in real artists
05:20 Black women have to fight: Eurocentric standards of beauty, feminism and male chauvinism
08:53 If this doesn’t describe you, then I ain’t talking about you. Pump your breaks.
09:49 I like lush music
11:29 Dumb and satisfied with crap
13:12 Are you satisfied with Sam Smith and Tori Kelly owning RnB?
14:04 You can sit yo black a$s down
16:24 Don’t get lazy
17:58 Artists, getcha a$s in the studio and create instead of picking out beats like you’re picking out clothes

There is a line of people in power who want the artist to do all the foot work to get themselves noticed/hot/talked about, but don’t want to spend ANY money to make it happen. And what’s more, they prefer the artist to do it the way that everybody else is doing it.

These same type of people have only one, shallow, hackneyed solution for female artists: be on some ho-$hit. Thanks to Erykah Badu, there isn’t any other way I can say that.

If that weren’t bad enough, some of these artists expect to waltz into a studio and pick out a ‘hit’ like they’re picking out shoes, clothes or furniture.

Some of these folk walk into a studio and expect to hear a “hit”, and slap their sorry-a$$ vocals on top of it and to be a superstar! Fck outta hur!

On top of this, if the artist is a black woman, they’re not only fighting to keep their soul in the industry, they’re also fighting a number of other issues, including the Eurocentric standard of beauty and how to deal with the consequences of being ‘ratchet’ in their sexual expression. Listen for more.

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