Is Katt Williams a celebrity or nah?

When did Katt Williams stop being a celebrity? 🤔 We all can’t stand Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart and their ilk. However, I’m trying to understand the hero-worship I’m seeing from some people online over this man in particular.

And before yall call me a ‘hating-a$s b!tch’, pull your head from his crotch and force your attention span to read something longer than 280 characters. If this doesn’t apply to you, then I’m not talking to you. Don’t get in your feelings.

Katt Williams has refused to take certain actions that so many fraudulent, knock-kneed, joke-stealing, hair-piece-wearing, slue-footed, long-lipped-αss gatekeepers have chosen to perform. That’s wonderful for Katt Williams. I applaud him for that. But that’s where my admiration stops.

Somehow Williams has been given special immunity from people who would otherwise be critical as fck of celebrities; given special immunity even though he’s been actively working to be a part of this awful industry for years. He talks of turning down multiple scripts. That means he’s been seeking to be part of Hollywood in some way.

I’m clear-headed on this issue. Black celebrity is in shambles right now. I’ve seen way too much sh!t coming out about these celebrities to be overly impressed with this.

Keep in mind I’m someone who was also (like so many) fooled by Barack Obama. That trash. I also didn’t fully see who Bernie Sanders was until he told everybody to vote for Hillary Clinton. Fck them both. But that’s just two situations which remind me to always exercise my critical thinking skills, especially when the crowd seems to be moving in one direction.

Micah S. Katt Williams is a celebrity, is he not? In addition to not playing the game, his career has also been hobbled by awful choices he’s allegedly made in his real life. Don’t ask me to ignore it.

Williams was arrested for aggravated assault, sexual battery, aggravated battery and “theft by taking” after allegedly (with help) assaulting four Black women. The women say they think his celebrity played a part in why he got no jail time (7). Think about that. There was an altercation. They said they handed over video taken during the altercation to law enforcement. Williams got off with a slap on the wrist.

Source: WSBTV

He was arrested for allegedly punching a store employee in Gaineville during an argument (2). He was arrested for “allegedly threatening to kill his bodyguard” (3). He allegedly jumped on a kid in Atlanta and got into a physical fight, which was caught on tape (4). He “allegedly threw a salt shaker at a restaurant manager in East Point, bloodying the man’s lip” (6). He was arrested “on suspicion of assaulting a hired driver after a dispute about transportation” (8).

He allegedly led police on a slow speed chase after he “almost hit five pedestrians on a tricycle” and refused to stop (9). He was arrested for burglary and criminal trespassing in Georgia (10).

He keeps getting into legal trouble and keeps getting out from dealing with consequences the average kneegrow would’ve had to suffer through. These are actions I normally hear people raging about when they speak on #hollyweird and other celebrity dirt.

Somehow all is forgiven with Katt Williams because yall wholeheartedly agree with what he’s currently saying. Ok. But you better remember he’s still a celebrity.

I’m not necessarily chiding people for having a fave. For example, I consider Monique to be my blindspot. But even with Monique, I didn’t like what she said about women bonnets in public. I didn’t like her protecting Roseanne from criticism either. But I can feel proud of her fight with the Black Boule AND STILL see her as the celebrity she is.

I’m not in awe. I’m not hero-worshiping. She’s in this business with Perry, Winfrey, Daniels, and Harvey. And so is Katt Williams. But some of yall can’t see that. He’s gold as far as some of yall are concerned. Ok.

I think Williams would’ve preferred to be in an elevated position of power (in this awful industry) if he could’ve gotten away with obtaining that power WITHOUT bending over. I said it. I think he would’ve been fine if he could’ve gotten that power — the power to determine which kneegrow wore a dress and which didn’t — without having to lay up with a powerful white man (or woman) for it.

This man sat there and told us it was in his contract that if he ever worked with Rickey Smiley again Smiley would have to be in a dress. Some will claim he said that sh!t in jest. But yall also keep saying Williams was telling the 100% truth. Ok. Let’s say it’s 100% true.

If so, what’s the difference between white execs forcing Smiley (for example) to wear a dress… and Katt Williams writing it into the demands of his contract that Smiley be forced to wear a dress? Smiley still ended up as a Black man on screen in a dress and Williams suggests (or jokes) he had something to do with it.

Is it that Williams wants to be free from the industry’s hazing? Or, is it that he wants to be in a position of power to haze people he thinks are less talented than him? It’s ok to think critically about what we’ve been told.

Taking it back to the example above, is he shaming Rickey Smiley for wearing the dress, or does he want to have more power than those who have chosen to wear a dress? Or, is this an act of lamentation over him NOT having their same level of “success” because he sees them as lesser talents? Make it make sense, as Monique would say.

Sidenote on the idea of Williams turning down scripts which were later given to Kevin Hart: Sounds like Hart’s career was greatly aided and abetted by Williams’s decisions to either turn down the roles… or not being physically able to perform the roles. Who’s fault is that? Can I blame Katt Williams for us being assaulted with Kevin Hart’s entire career? I’m joking…but not really. Let’s move on.

The way sh!t is falling out of the closet, coming out of the woodwork, and seeping through the cracks, I hope nothing nefarious comes out about Williams in the future. I HOPE he’s done nothing awful that’s just waiting to be revealed in this moment of Revelations we’re in.

But if something is revealed, will yall make excuses? Will yall scream ‘Aw, they just lying about him cause he called out the industry’? Will we be subjected to endless livestreams of people talking about conspiracies and setups? Or will yall acknowledge him as the celebrity he is?

What are the odds that he’s an anomaly? Are yall willing to bet money his eccentricities are more palatable than the other celebrities you’ve excoriated? His sh!t smells like sh!t too, not roses. I sincerely hope yall don’t get your hearts broken.


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