Piers Morgan Gets Dragged for Policing Nicki Minaj Taylor Swift Dispute

Umma need Piers Morgan to drink a nice big cup of ‘Shut The Fck Up’.

Piers Morgan, Shut the Fck up!

Exactly why did he jump his happy ass right in the middle of a misunderstanding between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj?  I mean, there’s no logical reason for that piece of… of… nonsense he calls an article (Don’t wait for a link, I ain’t posting it).

In my opinion, he’s behaving like a butt-hurt son of a b!tch who seems to think he needs to protect Taylor Swift from the big black bully (Minaj).

Piers Morgan has a bone to pick with Minaj because one time she didn’t take a picture with his kids backstage.  The fck that has to do with what’s going on between Swift and Minaj, I don’t know. But he wrote about the interaction in his “article”.

I have all types of problems with some of the stuff I see with Nicki Minaj’s public image, but what does that have to do with her?  She’s a grown ass woman.  She doesn’t have to care about my opinion.

On that same note, bruh, Nicki Minaj is not obligated to take pictures with your brats.  She can do whatever the hell she decides to do.   You don’t own her.  She doesn’t have to kiss your ass.  She doesn’t have to be nice to you.  I think somebody needs to say that to him so he’ll know.

Morgan also took a swipe at “black twitter”, addressing black people posting their opinions via Twitter — like we are a monolith or a social club — simply because people (not just black) used  their platforms to respond to his article.

‘Black twitter’ , Mr. A$shole, started as a tongue-in-cheek designation; a designation which some misinformed people are now using to pigeonhole black folk and dismiss their opinions.  It’s not a klan of bullies who victimize white people, so stop pointing to ‘it’ like you’re a victim of ‘it’. Get over yourself.

If 100 white people on twitter express a similar view about something, would Morgan have said ‘white twitter feels _____’ ?  Hell no, because Morgan sees those people as individuals with opinions.  However, Morgan came at ‘black twitter’ like it was a gang.  Like we all sit around with hoods on and decide to terrorize white people.  That savage behavior has historically been practiced by people of Morgan’s persuasion, but I digress.

It’s okay for Morgan to point out how rude he thinks she was being to him in that capacity.  But this butt-hurt shrewish tirade filled with left-over, unresolved feelings of a personal slight against you and your kids was very ridiculous.

He jumped in a dispute between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift like he was Captain Save-A-White-Girl. Fck outta hur!

duncan_beattie –  “sevenhundredbeats”

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