Entitlement Issues Arise Again After Isla Vista Massacre

After the tragedy in Isla Vista, California, it has become incredibly clear there is a percentage of people who think the world was made in order to kiss their immature, spiteful rosy red a$$es.

The murderer, 22 year old Elliot Rodger, said he'd been "forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desire because girls have never been attracted to me"

Mind you, he said that as he was recording a video….sitting in his BMW… and looking like he was fresh from getting accepted as a member of a new boyband.

My knee-jerk response to his video was "Maaan, fck you!"   

Yes, he really used the word FORCED to describe how he had…. I don't know…. too much privilege and not enough hardship?  Maybe he was forced to drive…. I don't know… last years model BMW?  Maybe he was forced to endure an existence of loneliness… I don't know… after he stabbed his 2 roommates and another young man to death?   

If he weren't a sexist murdering thug with an overly developed sense of entitlement — and just a regular person whining on youtube or twitter about random stuff like the rest of us — I would probably send off a smart-alecky response ending with the hashtag: #SitYoAssDown

He is also quoted as saying:

"All of those beautiful girls I've desired so much in my life, but can never have because they despise and loathe me, I will destroy.  All of those popular people who live hedonistic lives of pleasure, I will destroy, because they never accepted me as one of them."

*Sigh* Because, you know, beautiful girls apparently HAVE to accept every random, emo, boyband-lookin' douche who wants to live a hedonistic lifestyle with her.  Maaan, #SitYoAssDown!!

Periodically throughout this piece, I'm going to use the pronouns "you" and "they" figuratively.  So if what I write doesn't apply to you, then I ain't talkin' to you.

Brace yourselves for my unabashed bluntness: the world doesn't owe you $hit. There.  I said it.  Nobody is obligated to give a rat's ass about your feelings, whether or not you've been laid, whether you feel like a real man (or woman), or whether you fancy yourself a "gentleman".   It's not society's problem that you haven't figured out how to function in it.  

You don't fit in?  You're not getting laid?  That's the biggest goddamn problem you have?!  Really??  Try working full time and still not being able to make the mortgage/rent… AND feed everybody…. AND pay the insurance… AND pay for daycare… AND being exhausted after working all day… AND having foundation problems…. AND not having enough money to go to college without shackling tens of thousands of dollars in unexpungeable debt around your neck….AND AND AND!  

Being rejected, feeling lonely and feeling powerless to change the path you're walking on is… uhm… what's the word I'm looking for…. oh yeah: LIFE!  Rodger was pissed off at LIFE.  He was mad because being alive is far from the way he thought it would be.

Somebody should have snatched his emo ass up, shook him a couple of times and said, "This is LIFE goddamn it! Deal with it!"

EVERYBODY…. IN THE WORLD….. feels abject rejection at certain points in their lives.  Everybody thinks they deserve more than what they currently have at one point or another.  Everybody thinks the hot girl or guy they're crushing on should fall madly in love with them.

Everybody questions themselves and their place in the world.  Everybody wants a better life, with better opportunities.  And, yes, sometimes everybody wishes the world were a different place.

Everybody thinks everyone else is living a grand life and making all of their dreams come true…. and doing it their way, yes, their way, making all their dreams come true.  Like Laverne and Shirley.   

Laverne and Shirley, who by the way, lived in a small a$$ basement apartment and schlepped to a brewery everyday to do manual labor.  Who'd Shirley feel entitled to stab?  Who did Lavern shoot?  Who'd Squiggy run over with his imaginary jet black Beemer?

Rodger didn't know how to (or just plain didn't WANT to) deal with life like EVERYBODY else has to deal with it.  There is ALWAYS a group of people — social and economic groups — in which you will not be 'accepted'.   Try walking over to Mitt Romney's country club and becoming part of that life!

Folk want friends, but rarely talk and don't like to hang out.  Folk want love, but haven't figured out how to share it openly with other people.  Folk want to be part of the in-crowd but they act douchey and out of touch during their social interactions.  

They feel entitled to be part of — or the head of — another social group, but behave in contemptible and alienating ways.   Being just another douche in a BMW doesn't mean that every hot, white chick you see will forsake the black guy she's with and fall into your arms.  *record scratch*

Oh, you're asking where did that come from?  Did I mention Rodger made racially hateful statements too?  Yep.  Apparently 4 white girls "chilling" with a black guy was positively "rage-inducing" for him.

Did he ever try to make friends with people who were not white or Asian?  Did he ever try to date Latina, Black, Indian or Native American girls?  Did he ever try to date less well off women?  Did he ever try flirting with a woman shopping at Walmart instead of Trader Joes?  Or did he see those racial, socio-economic groups as beneath what he was entitled to?

Whether or not that thug had some form of mental illness or Asperger syndrome, in my opinion, is not the issue.  Was his alleged mental illness overlaid or undergirded with an overtly ridiculous sense of superiority over other social and racial groups?  And further, did his easy access to guns turn a tragedy (the stabbing of his roommates) into a catastrophe as he shot up the streets trying to kill random people?

One difference between regular folk and people who feel entitled is that some percentage of the over-privileged think their money should afford them immunity to having feelings of loneliness or rejection.  These types of people want to be immune to being treated like everybody else; immune to being rejected; immune to loneliness.  

All the rest of us dregs deserve to be lonely, but not you… cause you got a BMW. Maaan, #SitYoAssDOWN!

Didn't anybody tell him that it is entirely okay to feel like $hit sometimes?  Yes, I said it.  Most of us get all up in our feelings, then figure out a way to overcome it because we don't have the luxury or the time to obsess over why we're not getting laid by the hottest person we see.

Listeners who called into the Stephanie Miller show May 27 were also ticked off.  Some of them were not shy, making it plain how they felt about that murderer.

"Carl in Nashville" said:

"I don't give a damn what he had or what they diagnosed him [with]…he's a crazy person… The more and more we try to analyze this guy, the more we make up excuses for him. "

Carl continued:

"He's a little, whiny brat complaining about his life.  If he got it so bad, he need to look at South Central L.A.  Go to the south side of Chicago… You don't have problems, dude.  You're a 22 year old in a jet black Beemer.  He's an entitled nutjob."

"Toni in L.A." was also not accepting any excuses to his behavior and echoed what many people were saying on twitter and facebook about him.  She said, "This is white privilege on steroids with this boy. "

The radio show caller continued:

"…all the little crazy white boys that do this have world views that they can make the world be what they want it to be, and if they can't, they're gonna kill everybody."

The host, Stephanie Miller, chimed in with:

"Yeah. I gotta say that's the first thing that struck me, Toni.  Here's this whiny white kid in his BMW whining about how he can't get laid."

Toni in L.A. continued, "Mark Cuban will never be scared of a white boy in a BMW, will he," obviously making reference to comments about Mark Cuban's admission that he has prejudices too in response to Donald Sterling's ouster as owner of the basketball team the L.A. Clippers.

But Toni in L.A. didn't stop there.  She said:

"We gotta look at what is the source of this stuff.  The fact that he was raised in a misogynist — uh, he's just crazy.  Why is it that people want to keep coming up with 'oh he had Aspergers oh my god'.  If he were a little brown on black boy sitting in front of his computer talking about annihilating white people, every branch of the government would be there locking him up."

Elliot Roger ended precious lives without a second thought.  He had no idea if he just killed someone who was also feeling how he felt, but who had managed to fight through those misplaced feelings.  Maybe he murdered someone who would have been willing to help him.

He may have just killed the girl with which he could have started a beautiful life.  A life where he would finally grow the f ck up and evolve into a better human being who looked back on this dark period in his life with regret and thankfulness that he didn't do something mortally stupid.  

What if he had just waited a little while longer, just held out a little bit more, just held on for just a few more years…. a few more months…. a few more days?  He may have found a way to handle his darkness which didn't involve going on a killing spree.  

OR…. maybe he would have stayed an a$$hole until the day he died.  That's entirely possible too.  But at least he wouldn't have taken the lives of people who didn't have anything to do with any of his $hit.

He forcefully made his problems their problems as well.  That's ironic for someone who didn't want to be "forced" by other people to suffer the consequences of… being alive.  Now all of American society is focused to reckon with finding a process to prevent this tragedy from occurring again.

I would call him a a son of a bi+ch and keep it moving, but he's more than that.  He's an amalgamation of gaping, festering societal problems — from easy access to firearms and untreated metal problems, to unchecked misogyny and faux moral superiority.

To deal with these issues properly is the work of the people he left behind so that more sons a bi+ches won't be "forced" to ruin other people's lives.


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