Pat Sajak Loses His Damn Mind Over Climate Change

Alternate title for those who are in my neck of the woods:
Pat Sajak Must Dun Lost His Goddamn Mind Up in Here

Pat Sajak needs to sit his a$s down somewhere.  The Wheel of Fortune gameshow host says that you’re an “unpatriotic racist” if you believe in climate science.  If you thought there had to be a reason why you get creeped out by Pat Sajak sometimes, maybe this is the reason.

Sajak reportedly used Twitter to go OFF over the subject of climate change.  

He reportedly wrote, “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.”

Well good night to you too, a$$hole.  But hosting a gameshow for a thousand years doesn’t mean you know a damn thing about the science of climate change. 

Right now, California is on fire.  (For my southern peeps: California dun busted into flames yall!).  A few months ago there were a thousand-and-one blizzards in the northeast.  Tornadoes in the midwest are popping up out of nowhere and are stronger than ever before.   Massive sink holes are showing up all over Florida.

But apparently Pat Sajak doesn’t want you to believe it has anything to do with climate change.

Since when is Sajak a climate scientist?  Sajak would be one of those people who wouldn’t blink an eye at a lynch mob set to remove all of the climate scientists — uh, I mean devil worshiping witchcraft practitioners — from their beds and bury them alive to stifle their message.

He would be one of those folk who wouldn’t believe $hit stinks unless it was part of a roaring mixture of sewage, oil and 20 feet of rushing water coming around the corner as his neighborhood is about to be inundated from history making flood waters.  

What happened to giving a damn about the earth?  At the very least I would expect a CONSERVATIVE to be ….. conservative.  Meaning, they’re not supposed to be prone to acting a fool and squandering resources like they’re the last generation of humans to ever exist.  

What about the children! Or is that only a political phrase applicable to controlling women’s bodies and talking about the national debt??

Needless to say, Twitter has erupted.

@JohnFugelsang : Pat Sajak works with words for a living but doesn’t seem to know what they mean.

@David_Brody: The only thing @PatSajak knows about Global Warming is that it has 2 Ls .

@ibid78 :  If you can’t stand the heat, Pat Sajak will call you an unpatriotic racist.

@SenWhitehouse: .@PatSajak, dismissing #climate change is like not solving the puzzle when the answer’s staring at you

@cmclymer : Breaking: Pat Sajak opens his mouth and reveals he’s two vowels short of a Donald Trump

@JoeAconite : If Pat Sajak wanted to retire so badly, he didn’t have to go out in a blaze of “Angry old man yells at cloud” stupidity. #PatSajak

@angleofattack : Impressed that Pat Sajak found time in between game show hosting to earn his PhD in climate science.

@FakeMTA : The E train is experiencing delays due to getting in an argument with Pat Sajak about global warming.

Climate Change is a serious situation and its not going away even if Pat Sajak keeps putting his head up his a$s.

Ain’t nobody got time fuh that mess. For real.

– @whisperdispatch

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