Podcast 006: Piers Morgan, Shut the Fck up! Policing Nicki Minaj Won’t Make You Relevant

Umma need Piers Morgan to drink a nice big cup of ‘Shut The Fck Up’. Exactly why did he jump his happy ass right in the middle of a misunderstanding between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj?

In my opinion, he’s behaving like a butt-hurt son of a b!tch who seems to think he needs to protect Taylor Swift from the big black bully (Minaj). ‘Black twitter’ , Mr. A$shole, started as a tongue-in-cheek designation; a designation which some misinformed people are now using to pigeonhole black folk and dismiss their opinions.

He jumped in a dispute between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift like he’s Captain Save-A-White-Girl. Fck outta hur!

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