Podcast 013: The Wiz Live – It Was A’ight

#‎TheWizLive Nah. This version seemed like a pop-ified version of the story. I soooo wanted to love this. I was hoping to be really impressed, but no.

If I gave a sh!t about being popular or being up somebody’s ass by agreeing with them all the time, I wouldn’t post this. But I’m gonna tell it like it muthafukin is.  B!tch you ain’t gotta agree.  I still respect you. So let’s keep it classy cause it ain’t even that serious.

To me, it felt like somebody stripped the “soul” out of this whole presentation. I loved the concept of bringing a new version, but this was just a’ight to me. It wasn’t spectacular and people are trying to convince me this is the best thing since sliced bread for black people.

Since #TheWizLive is based on the stage play, maybe that’s the reason. But I’ve watched the movie repeatedly throughout my years on this earth and this stage play seemed hollow as fck in comparison. All those wonderful black folk and this is the best they an do? IDK. The lead’s voice…no. Just…no. It was too baby-fied. That’ my opinion. You ain’t gotta agree. My mortgage won’t get paid if you agree with me so that’s fine. Uzo YAS girl!! Mary J. YAS ma’am! One of the BEST parts of the show. I loved Mary!! But Latifah, what were you singing gurl? lmao

However, WTF happened to all the realness? There was something missing from this and I won’t feel ashamed to say that sh!t. In an attempt to modernize it which was a good idea, TO ME they stripped the soul out of it and made a pop version. Maybe my major gripe was with the music. For example, go back and watch/listen to “You Can’t Win”, or “I’m a Mean Old Lion”. But go back and watch the movie. Black excellence was the movie, not this play. It was just…a’ight. B!tch you ain’t gotta agree.  I still respect you. So let’s keep it classy cause it ain’t even that serious.

And all those goddamn commercials got on my fcking nerves! NBC know they could’ve shown this with limited commercial interruption. But every time you got into the play, here comes another damn commercial. #‎staywoke


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