Podcast 019: The Media and Democratic Party Say ‘F-ck Your Vote’ to the Remaining States


The democratic primary between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is still ongoing but you would never know that by watching the corporate media’s coverage as of late.  Their focus appears to be trying to guilt Sanders into allowing Clinton to waltz right into the general election despite the fact that not everyone has voted yet.

To those remaining Democrats and Independents in California, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Democratic party loyalists and the corporate media are basically saying ‘F-ck your vote’.

As long as there is a choice between two candidates, everyone should be allowed to put their two cents in and decide on who they want to lead the Democratic Party.  Indiana just held a primary, which Sanders won — a result which “doesn’t matter” according to corporate-backed pundits who are desperate to protect Clinton’s lead.

The corporate media doesn’t want Sanders putting any more wins on the board, nor do they want any super delegates to second-guess their support of Clinton after seeing Sanders win more states.   Hence, “the math” narrative is being heavily pushed now.

If “the math” will show a Clinton victory, why the fck are they so desperate for Sanders to drop out?  If they’ll have their way at the end anyway, what the fck is wrong with letting this race play out until June?

The answer to that question is easy: it’s because this is a primary in which ANYTHING can happen.  It’s a primary where their predictions have repeatedly failed.  It’s a primary in which they don’t want to take more chances that the establishment’s pick may falter or look weak.  It’s a primary in which they don’t want to discuss how flawed Clinton really is on foreign policy (Libya, Honduras, Iraq war) and domestic issues (TPP, fracking, Fight-for-15, Wallstreet, etc).

“Psychic” corporate media pundits want to force Sanders to drop out so they can cover the race they’ve been trying to cover all along between the billionaire with Wallstreet ties (Donald Trump) and the multimillionaire with Wallstreet ties (Hillary Clinton).

These wannabe psychics, by the way, have been wrong on damn near everything during the course of the primary.  Sanders losing is their last hope of finally getting something right, even if they have to put a thumb on the scale by using their various platforms to talk people into staying home.

Both Trump and Clinton are the two least liked candidates in their respective races.  If the punditry class gets its way, it may be truly an general election only the billionaire class and the media elite could love.

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