Short and Sour: Met Gala ‘Catholic Imagination’ Theme? Nah.

The theme for the Met Gala for 2018 is : “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.  You read that right. “The “Catholic imagination”. Everyone, of course, was waiting on Rihanna to stun the crowd.  If Rihanna did her homework, she would’ve shown up in a dress made out of chains. #ISaidIt

I’m not going to go into the foolishness of equating “heaven” with the Catholic church. But the Catholic church’s tacit approval of slavery is notorious.  Two Catholic nations, Portugal and Spain, enslaved Africans to build their nations’ power.

catholic church
Portugal was importing slaves as early as the 1480s!

Spanish conquistadors started snatching up Africans and sending them to the Caribbean in 1502. Wait? Where is Rihanna from, again?  *side eye*  >_>

The only thing that could’ve impressed me was Rihanna and other black folk refusing to go to the Met Gala.  But I already know they’re too desperate for access to show that kind of loyalty.  So if she was going to be involved with this yearly foolishness, showing up in chains would have been the boldest thing to do.  Don’t bother fighting me.  I said what I said.


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