Neil Cavuto Puts a Figurative Foot to the Ass of Michele Bachmann

Fox News host Neil Cavuto took on a Tea Party barnacle — on the air — over nonsensical talk regarding an alleged lawsuit against the President of the United States initiated by crybaby and suspected drunk John Boehner. 

If I hadn't seen the video for myself, I never would have believed it.  

Bachmann was advocating to "defund the Executive Branch" of government and accused the twice-elected President of the United States of "establishing lawlessness".

Neil Cavuto, apparently a business minded Republican, went OFF on Bachmann for advocating to waste time on such nonsense.

Cavuto's point was that Republicans would be outraged if there were a Republican president and the Democrats spent time trying to defund the government and take away Presidential powers.

Cavuto argued that Republicans would be wasting time trying to sue Obama in court.

Cavuto said:

"If we're gonna get back in legal… broadsides back and forth, why not just fix things that are very very wrong now,  rather than dragging someone to court over whether they overstepped their bounds?  It just seems to me like an enormous waste of effort. "


Bachmann called the lawsuit a "long term effort" saying it could drag on and on.  

Of course this proved Cavuto's point and he continued his argument.


"…But we spent too much time arguing 'Oh he shouldn't have done that' or 'Oh we're gonna indict you on this, we're gonna go back and forth'.  Fix whatever's wrong right now rather than dragging the other side to court.  It just seems to me there's so much wrong here.  This finger pointing. 'We're gonna drag your ass to court. We're gonna do this'.  Just do something.  You know what I'm saying?"

Yes, Cavuto. We know what you're saying.  But did Bachmann get it?

Obviously she didn't.  While trying to answer to his questions, Bachmann even tried to throw in some unproven allegations about the IRS giving out personal information to Obama donors… or whoever.

After Cavuto berated Bachmann for not doing anything years ago ( Bachmann has been an elected official since 2007), he called her out for conflating the issues.

Check out this exchange:

Cavuto:   Where was your rage…

Bachmann:  Because what we need to do…

Cavuto:  Where was your rage…

Bachman:  Listen, listen, listen

Cavuto: Where was your rage, Congresswoman…

Bachmann:  Let me have one minute…

Cavuto: No, no, no!  You're conflating issues and you're being silly.  Where was your rage when Democrats were going after President Bush on the same use of Executive orders?  Because I think you knew then that that was a waste of time then.  And I think you know in your heart of hearts THIS is a waste of time now.  There are far more important things that you guys have to be addressing than filing lawsuits past each other.

Oh yes, he said it!  He said Bush chi'le!  Cavuto went back to the Bush Administration and the serious problems Democrats were raising towards Bush for….generally acting a goddamn fool…. his decisions about privacy, Iraq, presidential powers, the Patriot Act, etc., etc., etc.

 Cavuto likened the idea of filing a lawsuit against Obama to fiddling while "Rome's burning".
But they weren't finished arguing yet!  Check out this exchange:

Bachmann:  …What I'm saying is that what we — what's very important is the President trying to establish lawlessness in the United States.  That's a big issue.

Cavuto:  Democrats said George Bush did the same, Congresswoman.   I'm just saying each side claiming it: waste of time…

Bachmann: So what need…

Cavuto: Waste of time!

Bachmann:  So what we need to do is defund the executive Branch, number one.  And  then impeach…

Cavuto: Defund — wait. Think about what you're saying.  Defund the Executive Branch….

Bachmann:  …Executive Branch officials who have broken the law…

Cavuto: Congresswoman!  If Democrats had said to you 'We're gonna just defund President Bush.  We're gonna defund the Executive–'  You would laugh them out… I think Democrats would be in their right mind to laugh you out now.  Defund them! (mockingly)

Bachmann:  Listen, the House [of Representatives] has the power of the purse.  This isn't a small power.  We can do this…

Cavuto: [shaking his head in disagreement and disdain]

Bachmann:  …but we can do something further.  I hear your frustration.  What we…

Cavuto:  Alright, Congresswoman.

Bachmann: …can do further is impeach the elected officials that have…

Cavuto: Oh man! Oh man!  Oh man! Oh man!  Rome's burning and you're filing! Alright.

Bachmann: …That's not filing.  That's not filing. That's kicking them out of there…

Cavuto:  Respectfully disagree. Alright.

Bachmann: What else are we gonna do?

Cavuto:  It's not.  It's not.  It's not

The show went to commercial while Bachmann was still trying to argue that her backwards-ass way of thinking was somehow exactly what the country needs.

But it's becoming clear that the collective patience of business conservatives has run out with these windmill-chasing antics by Tea Party officials and Tea Party-usurpers alike.

This Cavuto-Bachmann on-air battle just so happens to come the day after Tea Party candidate and alleged racist fck Chris McDaniel LOST his bid to unseat Republican Thad Cochran in the red, red, super red state of Mississippi.

That Mississippi race was seen as yet another Tea Party defeat.  Diehard Republicans and Republican-sympathizers alike drank the spiked 'tea' back in 2010 and have been dealing with a monster hangover ever since.  

Their nonsensical ideas about governing  (or not governing) is continuing to wreck havoc on this country to the extent that even their Republican allies have lost patience with their immature understanding of America.


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