Democrats Who Ran From Obama and Lost Should Shut the Fck Up

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Democrats, don't you fcking DARE blame President Obama for the ass-kicking you received on election night.  I'm so pissed, I may be writing in the first, second AND third person today.

The Democratic base stayed home because Democratic candidates treated the President (a President they voted for TWICE) like trash… like an adversary… like the IRS… like gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe…. like the person they occasionally screw but will never take home to meet their parents!

Put aside idealistic views about how Dems should have gotten to the polls for their own good.  In the real world, real people vote because they've been given a reason to.  That's always the political reality…especially during a Midterm election.

As ticked off as I am at voter suppression and a President with no support and no bulldogs who know how to use the non-existent liberal media to their advantage, I can't let those Blue-Dog-come-lately Dems get away with dumping their losses onto his shoulders.

Although it was an interesting night, Republicans will control the House and the Senate in 2015 so they will no longer have any excuses for their lazy-ass, crybaby, do-nothing antics.  And certainly Wisconsin and Florida voters deserve whatever they get after not kicking out Scott Walker or Rick Scott.

Payback is always a bi+ch and I DO hope Republicans feel what it's like to deal with an obstructionist minority in the House and Senate.  They deserve nothing more than to spend time in that toxic environment getting their comeuppance from Dems they've treated in such a terrible manner.

But I won't focus on the GOP at this moment.  My problem today is with Democrats who are shamelessly blaming Obama for the weaselly way they ran for office this year.

Shut the Fck Up

Midterm elections are BASE elections.  Appealing to your BASE of voters is what will keep you in power in a year like this.  Republicans know this, yet some Democratic candidates are forever stuck on stupid. 

The same thing happened in 2010 and yet not one of the Democratic "leaders" seemed ready with a plan other than distancing themselves from the blackety-black President for fear of getting his blackety-black ebola cooties all over their campaign.  And they STILL lost!

If you were one of those Dems who ran like hell from every accomplishment and improvement this country has made on Obama's watch since 2009, shut the fck up.  You deserved to lose.

If you were one of those Dems who focused on trying to poach alleged "Independents" and ruby red fascists from the GOP …during a MIDTERM election….shut the fck up.  You deserved to lose.

If you ran against Obamacare as a Democrat in a Red state currently benefiting from Obamacare, shut the fck up.  It was a Heritage Foundation plan, for God's sake, and you still ran from it!  Don't just shut the fck up, put on a Dunce cap and go stand in the corner…next to Scott Walker.

If you acted like a deer caught in the fcking headlights whenever somebody asked if you voted for Obama, shut the fck up.  You deserved to lose. *Giving major side-eye to Alison Grimes right now*

You lost your race on election night?  You want to blame somebody??  Walk your ass over to a mirror and ask if your base could have been activated by using Obama to get Democrats out of the house, then onto buses and over to early voting locations.

Ask yourself why you let the GOP set the agenda while you stood with your finger in the air attempting to adapt your message to whichever way the wind was blowing.

Ask yourself if figuratively tongue-kissing Bill and Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail did anything to get Blacks, Latinos, Asians and young people to the polls.

Ask yourself WHY your voters preferred to stay their asses at home as you chose to run away from the man they twice voted into office.  Did I already say twice?  TWICE!


Turn Out Fuh Whut?

Although my middle name could be "Liberal", I don't want to hear any liberal idealistic bull$hit about "if you didn't vote, don't complain" or "it's your civic duty". 

Let's all be adults about this for a minute.  In the REAL world, regular people won't vote for your ass unless you give them a reason to.  Point blank period.  End of Discussion.  Regardless of whether that's good or terrible, it's a political reality.   It is especially true during Midterm elections.

This Midterm, some Republicans voted against the Marxist, lawless, Communist, Fascist dictator "Barack Obama," who only exists in the minds of Republicans terrified of a country turning browner and browner by the second.  THAT was their reason.

Some Republicans voted against the Socialist Obama who plots daily to take away their healthcare and replace their OBGYN with an IRS agent.  It doesn't matter if Obamacare has been a financial boon to private insurance companies or that millions of people now have health insurance. THAT was their reason.

Some Republicans voted against the Kenyan president who may be the antichrist.  It doesn't matter that only stupid-ass, delusional Branch Davidian sympathizers believe stuff like that. THAT was their reason.

Some Republicans voted against Obama just because they think his policies aren't working or because they don't want to see him or his people in power.  THOSE were their reasons.

Some Republicans even voted FOR an increase in the minimum wage, AGAINST a Personhood amendment, but FOR Republican candidates who were on the opposite side of both those issues.

But what reasons did Democratic candidates give to make Democratic voters turn out en masse for them?

…… *crickets*  ……

Although I voted because I'm paying attention, I can't point to one specific overarching idea which gave me a reason to vote FOR or AGAINST anything in particular.  

Here's one example of ridiculousness from Natalie Tennant in West Virginia:


*crickets*   As a Democrat, WHY the hell would I care about voting for her? For what?? She's gonna… side with Republicans on the issue of coal?  Is that it?  Then it doesn't matter if I vote for her or for the Republican, right?  Make the case and beat it into the heads of your base.

Here's Mark Pryor on the campaign trail:

*crickets*  ….Uh…. uhm…..ok.  Was it THAT hard to say something positive about what Obama is doing? It was a stupid question, yes, but don't act like you're Sarah Palin trying to explain which papers you read.  

These types of people wrung their hands over being connected to Obama.  And now they'll be going home or at home in 2015.  Meanwhile, who has two thumbs and a job for the next two years? The President they both chose to run against in their respective states.

Aww Shucky Ducky! If You Won't Have a Seat in 2015, Blame Yourself

Joe Manchin was on television eager to claim Obama's alleged energy policy "hurt" Democrats.  Seriously Joe? #SitYoAssDown  As a Democrat, I don't even know what Obama's energy policy is.

Harry Reid's Chief of Staff, David Krone, allegedly blamed Obama for the Democratic loss according to the Washington Post.

Krone reportedly said :

"The president's approval rating is barely 40 percent…What else more is there to say? … He wasn't going to play well in North Carolina or Iowa or New Hampshire. I'm sorry. It doesn't mean that the message was bad, but sometimes the messenger isn't good."

Barely 40%?! The goddamn Congressional Republican approval rating is barely in the double digits!  During the Republican-led government shut down, it was under 10% in some polls!   But they'll have the House AND the Senate in 2015 because they got their people out to vote.

Both Krone and Harry Reid can have several seats while sipping on a nice big cup of STFU with that mealey-mouthed, ridiculously sorry excuse.

Whether or not Obama was going to play in North Carolina or Iowa, we'll never know because Democrats refused to use him to drive out the Democratic base.   Most Republicans in those states were never gonna vote for Dems anyway, no matter how Republican-lite they appeared to be.

Some unnamed "Senate Democratic aide" reportedly told Obama was "dragging candidates down across the country".  This unnamed aide's tongue wasn't wagging like this when some of those same Dems were swept into office riding Obama's coattails because he effectively got his base out to the polls.

Democrats made gains in ruby red states riding on President Obama's back.  It was already going to be difficult for Dems this year unless Obama magically morphed into a gun-toting 66 year old white guy from West Virginia …wrapped in a flag… riding a white horse… wrestling an alligator….wearing a camo-printed bandana and cowboy boots!  

Obama and the Democratic base put them in power, but they spent their time positioning themselves to the right of him, badmouthing Obamacare, taking their cues from the GOP, and acting like Republicans didn't shut down the government or ruin this country's credit rating.

As a Democrat, if you won Nov 4 even after defending Obamacare and admitting you voted for blackety-black Obama, then congratulations!  You certainly deserved it.  

If you acknowledged Obama and still lost, then at least you deserve kudos for campaigning in the real world. *Props to Charlie Crist for almost snatching the Governor's seat away from alleged crook Rick Scott*

Democrats, listen to your fcking voters.  Give them a couple of main reasons to vote and fill in the details by hooking them to the person they voted for last: Barack Obama.

Reportedly, only about 13% of the vote was between the ages of 18-29 this time.  Only 8% of the electorate were Latinos.  But WHY would more of them have come out this time?  As a candidate, if you can't answer that question succinctly, effectively and with conviction, you deserved to lose.

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