Anti-Choice: What’s the Real Reason? [Podcast]

Let me say this first: I am not pregnant, never been to an abortion clinic , nor have I ever gone to a Planned Parenthood clinic.  But the type of ridiculousness going on right now against Planned Parenthood makes me want to go off.

To those anti-choice people seeking to make the decisions for women about their own bodies: I’m gonna need yall to sit the fck down somewhere and worry about your own business.  This is not up for debate or discussion. You will NOT use me, or millions of other women of child bearing age, to make yourself look good in front of God!    You want God’s good graces bestowed upon you by controlling oxygen-breathing, living, walking, talking human beings? #GTFOHWTBS



In reality, what they’re doing is putting themselves into a transactional relationship with the Creator.  They want to be seen as doing something that will make them worthy of being rewarded in the next life.  Cut that $hit out. 

They want some type of special acknowledgment that they are following God’s law according to a book originally written/compiled/translated by Earth-bound men, each with their own agendas and hierarchical social, political and economic constraints.

Rather than doing HARD things — serving the poor selflessly, fighting to stop Wars with other countries, working to provide shelter for homeless Vets or stopping big business from turning this Republic into a fascist Oligarchy — they think the easiest way to get into Heaven is by being in control of YOUR hooha.  

They wax poetically about morality, when they don’t really give a $hit about the women who are in the position of having to seek abortion services.   They don’t know anything about these people.  They have no idea how those women got pregnant — whether it was a mistake, on purpose, rape, or molestation.  And some of ’em don’t even care! Fck yall.

These hooha masters don’t give a goddamn about the woman’s socio-economic realities, their pre-existing responsibilities or their lives.  They barely give a $hit about children who are alive; oxygen-breathing children who are seeing the hateful world in which these people are helping to create! Fck yall.

Some of these folk are the same people who refuse to offer ANY type of financial assistance to take care of these kids, feed them, clothe them or educate them.  They want to take away their insurance, cut Headstart programs, privatize the public school system and send their future jobs overseas…. all while building bigger prisons! Fck yall.

These wayward wannabe moralists aren’t going to get their a$ses up at 3AM to take care of any of the children they seek to force these women to have.  They’re not gonna help with homework, drive anybody to school, buy groceries, or help with finding affordable housing for the mother or that child.

But these people wanna stand outside of a goddamn clinic and make decisions for that woman?!  Fck yall.

And some of ’em claim they’d rather see the woman die with the child if her life is in danger from her pregnancy because that’s God’s will.  I’d  like to send out a special ‘FCK YOU’ to those people.  

There’s nothing like good ole fashioned hatefulness to show how much you love baby Jesus, right? They want to impose an American version of Sharia law when it comes to women’s rights.

Some of these old gray-a$s sons-a-b!tches, like the ones currently running for President on the Republican side, want to enforce these dastardly policies while they fight FURIOUSLY against anything even suspected of eroding their 2nd Amendment rights.  Fck yall.

In my opinion, they’re not doing a damn thing other than trying to enforce their own selective biblical morality onto the rest of us.  

If a man does not work, neither shall he eat:  But they have taken HOW MANY days in vacation from their Congressional “jobs”?  Barely working and barely passing legislation? Fck outta here!   

Thou shalt not commit adultery: But how many of their asses have whored around on their wives (ex-wives) or are whoring around right now and just haven’t gotten caught yet?  Fck outta here!

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands: But they are all up in EVERYBODY’S personal business trying to put everything private under public control  and stick their own hands into the uteri of millions of women. Fck outta here!

It is NOT their business nor should it be.  I’m not going to debate whether or not I should have the right to control my own body.

They pick and choose which parts of their religion to follow by what’s most convenient.  And they’ll pick and choose who to run roughshod over by nature of the way they administer their decisions. 

Their rich wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, cousins, and nieces will be able to get whatever medical procedure they need without anybody ever knowing because they can afford private doctors.  So abortion will ALWAYS be legal for rich women… come hell or high water.

It is the poor, as it always is, who will have to suffer the whims of the foolish, the deceitful, and the dastardly.  Fck yall.

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