Podcast 009: Hands off My Fckin Uterus! #prochoice

To those anti-choice people seeking to make the decisions for women about their own bodies: I’m gonna need yall to sit the fck down somewhere and worry about your own business.

This is not up for debate or discussion. You will NOT use me, or millions of other women of child bearing age, to make yourself look good in front of God! You want God’s good graces bestowed upon by controlling oxygen-breathing, living, walking, talking human beings? #GTFOHWTBS READ MORE: http://www.whisperwatch.com/politics/27-anti-choice-real-reason-082015.html

In reality, what they’re doing is putting themselves into a transactional relationship with the Creator. They want to be seen as doing something that will make them worthy of being rewarded in the next life. Cut that sh!t out.

They want some type of special acknowledgment that they are following God’s law according to a book originally written/compiled/translated by Earth-bound men, each with their own agendas and hierarchical social, political and economic constraints.

Rather than doing HARD things — serving the poor selflessly, fighting to stop Wars with other countries, working to provide shelter for homeless Vets or stopping big business from turning this Republic into a fascist Oligarchy — they think the easiest way to get into Heaven is by being in control of YOUR hooha.

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