Podcast: Pay attention to the larger issue: the rich and powerful

@whisperwatch – White privilege doesn't exist without money and power being in the hands of those who seek to use it to their advantage.  Take away the money, you take away the power to create and support white supremacist systems.

Take away the power, and you take away the stranglehold they have over fomenting division between people.  The rich and powerful who feel this way never want black folks, other people of color and poor white folk to ever unify on what's really wrong with this country. 


0:00 Charleston revisited
1:41 The Rich are content with using black/brown folk as scapegoats
2:42 How many black people have power over you?
4:00 White privilege doesn't exist without money and power
9:32 Pay attention to the poison
11:06 The rich Have No interest in Unity
14:47 Surrounded by sorry-asses
15:09 Some people are just garbage
17:26 Take back this country…from the rich

What's most dangerous to them?  A unified collection of people will come to the conclusion that this country has been taken by the rich and NOT black "welfare cheats" or "terrorists" or "communists" or any other system-created boogie-man. 

Some of the most powerful in this country create division by supporting the notion that black and brown people are the cause of everyone else's woes.  This is bullshit of course. 

The people who have a stranglehold over this country are the rich, and the rest are left to fight over crumbs.  

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