Podcast 002: The larger issue is the rich and powerful; Charleston shooting

White privilege doesn’t exist without money and power. Take away the money, you take away both their power and the ability for them to create and uphold white supremacist-based socioeconomic systems.

0:00 Charleston revisited
1:41 The Rich are content with using black/brown folk as scapegoats
2:42 How many black people have power over you?
4:00 White privilege doesn’t exist without money and power
9:32 Pay attention to the poison
11:06 The rich Have No interest in Unity
14:47 Surrounded by sorry-asses
15:09 Some people are just garbage
17:26 Take back this country…from the rich

The Charleston killer’s real enemies were the rich and powerful, and those who aren’t rich but who ARE content to blame all of their problems on black and brown folk in this country.

They’re content to let racists think that black and brown folk are taking over this country; as if their white ancestors owned America from the beginning of time; as if the descendants of black folk don’t have a right to any form of ownership in a country their ancestors LITERALLY built with their own hands.

Who did he think built this country? What? Did he think George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were laying bricks, picking cotton and paving the streets in their powdered wigs? Hell no.

The rich are still getting richer. So what the hell was all that for? What did he accomplish by killing black people in a church? Not a goddamn thing.


artist: John Pazdan
song: The Long Goodbye

artist: Jahzzar
song: The Wrong Way

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