Podcast 011: How To Control Donald Trump

The media can handle Donald Trump the same way they handle anyone who is crazy for media attention and ratings: they can starve him.

The media is to blame just as much as anyone else is. If they give him as much attention as they give Lincoln Chafee then the problem is solved. http://www.whisperwatch.com

The media should really stop pretending like they don’t know what to do about Donald Trump. They know how to handle people like Trump because they do it all the time with people and issues they don’t collectively care anything about.

But the media will never ‘control’ or ‘handle’ Trump because he’s bringing in a lot of money for them. The higher their ratings are, the more money they can ask from advertisers. They have a vested interest in helping this runaway train continue ad infinitum or until it jumps the tracks and kills hundreds of people. Stop that sh!t.

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