Stop Telling Dems they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton [Podcast #010]

Telling your Democratic allies that they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton is a losing argument and tantamount to shooting yourselves in the foot. 

Republicans are motivated by fear and anger.  Democrats are motivated by hope and efforts to improve the current situation.  They’re motivated by ideas to prepare for the future.

With that in mind, there’s this funky-ass attitude floating around on the political left right now originating from some Hillary Clinton supporters against those who support Bernie Sanders. 


Some of these people outright say supporting Bernie Sanders is futile or that the people supporting Sanders are stupid for holding on to a pipe dream.  Sanders’s supporters are sometimes accused of helping a Republican win the election — an election that’s over a year away, by the way.

Whether you like it or not, Bernie Sanders is helping to energize a Democratic base of people who are not feeling Hillary Clinton, and wouldn’t have become involved in the political process this early on.  Did I mention the election is over a fcking year away? Just making sure you got it.

For whatever reason, these people aren’t feeling Clinton.  To push them off into a corner and make unfounded allegations about their intelligence and their motives is not only hateful, but stupid to boot.

I hate to see members of the Democratic base sabotaging themselves out of fear of a Republican presidency to the extent where they turn on themselves.  It decreases the enthusiasm of the base.

What’s REAL is that there’s something Sanders is speaking to which people feel Clinton is not.  THAT’S THE REALITY.  Respect it instead of shooting yourselves in the foot. 

Let’s talk about reality and being the ‘grown ups in the room’.  Grown ass people have free will which means Democrats don’t have to do anything.  They have the option of staying their asses at home and letting the chips fall where they may.  As catastrophic as that would be, THAT’S THE REALITY.  Respect it instead of being hateful because people aren’t kissing Clinton’s ass right now.

You can coulda-shoulda-woulda all day long but that doesn’t mean a damn thing if your base doesn’t come out in high enough numbers.

I don’t care if you think you can tell the future like Ms. Cleo and you feel Sanders has absolutely no chance at winning the primary.  Stop that sh!t right now.  Use the excitement he’s creating to your advantage instead of wagging your finger at Sanders’s supporters or treating them like petulant children.  #GTFOH

Stop assuming people don’t like Clinton just because she’s a woman.  Last time I checked, there were a hell of a lot of women at Sanders’s rallies all around the country.

You can’t continue to say ‘shut up and vote for Hillary or else we’re gonna have Ted Cruz as President’.  Stop that bullsh!t because it’s not in the Democrat party’s best interest.  


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Whether he wins or not, Sanders is serving a very important purpose: getting the Democratic base energized, prepared and involved in the political process.

Clinton supporters need to come up with a better argument than ‘Vote for Hillary or else’.  That doesn’t move the Democratic base in big enough numbers to crush entrenched and ill-gotten Republican power.

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