Error: Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server


“Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server”

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab
OS: Android


Make sure you date and time are correct.  I know it doesn’t seem logical, but check it.  I had to manually update the date/time for a tablet I’d let sit around for a few months without using/charging.  WiFi was working correctly.  However, when I tried to connect to the Google Playstore, I got the error: “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server” and information telling me to check my WiFi.

Nothing was wrong with the WiFi, which I confirmed by opening up the browser and testing. I noticed the date/time were incorrect.  Once I set that correctly, everything worked without me having to do anything else.

This solution may or may not work for you.  I would never suggest at this website that you root your device.  If the previous suggestion doesn’t work,  you may be able to find instructions elsewhere.

NOTE: If you date/time isn’t correct, you also may not be able to Update your android device’s software.  So if that, too, is an issue, please just double-check that your date/time is correct before you do anything else.

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