Consequences and Repercussions


@whisperwatch – This nation may be about to deal with the consequences and repercussions of actions taken by the elites in both parties.  The Republican voters pushed forth Donald Trump as their nominee and the Democrats supposedly voted for what is clearly the weaker of their two candidates.

The level of social and economic dissatisfaction around the country is palpable while establishment politicians and their corporate media allies remain dismissive of people’s complaints.  Worse, the elite treat those who express their dissatisfaction with contempt; using patronizing language and throwing system-defined ‘numbers’ (unemployment, ACA, etc) in their face as a way to shut them up.

Since this 2016 primary has already come this far — with two Wall Street-compromised candidates heading both political parties — it may already be too late to avoid the effects of our system of elections which resulted in these two untrustworthy candidates.

Award winning film maker Michael Moore appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher July 20 and flat out stated “I think Trump is gonna win.”   Moore’s declaration was followed by loud boos and Maher admonishing the audience to not be dismissive of Moore’s warning.

Everybody should listen to Michael Moore when he speaks even if it pisses you off.  Thanks to Wikileaks, the public is now aware of how the DNC colluded with certain members of the media to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and placed a huge thumb on the scale to ensure Hillary Clinton’s victory. #DNCleak

Without regard for the times in which we are living — massive distrust for Clinton and economic unrest — the Democrats chose an Establishment Incrementalist.  And not just any ole Establishment Incrementalist either!  Clinton has a ton of baggage which includes but is certainly not limited to the financial entanglements of the Clinton Foundation and her tragic decisions to destabilize Libya (making it a haven to terrorists) and tacitly support a Honduras coup (which sent women and children fleeing for their lives).

The disastrously inadequate message from the Democrats is basically “Trump Bad. Vote Clinton.”   But a significant number of people are still in the economic bind they initially thought would be temporary after the 2008 financial crash.  There’s a difference between having a job, and having a career/business where you’re able to feed your family AND live a good life.

There is a substantial number of people who are catching hell right NOW.  Student loan payments are taking a significant portion of their monthly income NOW.  They’re working two minimum wage jobs NOW.  They can barely afford daycare NOW.

They can’t afford to send their kid(s) to the college of their choice NOW.  They can’t afford to move to a different state NOW.  They can’t start a business NOW.  When it comes to policing, their children/uncles/aunts/sisters/brothers/cousins/nieces/nephews are getting killed by police NOW.

Some of them may have been homeless for a period of time in the past 8 years.  They may have had to use the services of a food pantry/bank.   Some can’t afford to  use their “Obamacare” (ACA) because it has a $10,000 deductible.  Some can’t afford to begin saving for a down-payment on a decent (notice I said DECENT) house in a safe area.

They need for the system to change NOW, not “sometime in the future”…. years from now… maybe….. in increments.  #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

These people still exist.  They didn’t magically disappear simply because President Obama got elected, or because the unemployment rate went down… on paper.  Most economically desperate people don’t want to hear ‘vote for Clinton because Trump will make your life terrible’.  Their lives are already terrible.

It would be more apt to say ‘Trump will make your lives worse’.  But if establishment Democrats offer no alternative to how they will considerably improve the situation, those people won’t vote.  Not only is that a repercussion based on the inaction of politicians, it’s also political reality.

The conditions are ripe for a massive disruption in the way economic, social and governmental systems work.  This is especially noticeable to people who feel uneasy after getting the sh!t kicked out of them economically.   The problem is compounded when these same folk feel like their elected officials handle their problems like they handle annoying children throwing a temper tantrum at Walmart.

Somebody should tell these Neoliberal politicians that their base aren’t to be treated like trifling-a$$ children begging for things they don’t  deserve.  The repercussions of ignoring these people could be swift and devastating (like the 2010 and 2014 Midterm elections.)

And don’t expect ‘the blacks’ and ‘the Latinos’ to save Clinton’s presidency!  If I read one more tone-deaf, lame-a$$ clapback on twitter about how “Clinton’s got this” because “black people will rise up” against Trump to keep him from “reinstating slavery”, I’m going to verbally slap somebody!  Black people aren’t supermen/women waiting to swoop in and save Democrats from themselves.

It’s kinda shocking seeing Neoliberal Democrats treat their own base the way Republicans treat everybody else.  A politician’s first instinct should never be to talk down to people who express an unwillingness to see the world the way comfortable, well-connected, well-taken-care-of elites do… even if those elites have a “D” after their names.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she will do exactly what people suspect: promote Centrist/Republican-backed ideas, incrementally change existing systems, and remain totally oblivious to the political climate.  The establishment’s reaction to political unrest will do nothing but pour gasoline onto a fire which will improve the chances of someone even more devious and diabolical than Trump running/winning the Presidency the next time.

If we are to suffer the repercussions of a Trump Presidency (BOO! HISS!!), blame the corrupting influence of money on the electoral process.  Blame the Democrats for making sure Clinton would be the Democratic nominee come hell or high water.  Blame the corporate media who made sure never to show Bernie Sanders as a viable alternative to Clinton, giving him almost no live coverage during the Democratic primary.

Or you can blame Clinton’s corporate allies who colluded with her supporters to keep important facts from people making a decision on who to vote for.  Blame the Neoliberal Incrementalists who purposely ignored their base and kicked those who complained about their tactics in the teeth.  Blame tone deaf politicians who didn’t understand how the political ground had shifted under their feet.

Blame Hillary Clinton’s assorted baggage and her terrible decisions to hold onto people like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and choose a VP like Tim Kaine.  Blame her lack of trustworthiness and inflexibility in running her campaign.  Blame the decision she made to take millions of dollars from Wall Street firms in “speaking fees” and purposely not releasing the transcripts.  Blame the terrible foreign policy decisions she’s made and the corporate media’s willful blindness towards them.

But please get the fck outta here if you intend to blame regular people who are unmoved by the condescension of her campaign and the DNC, the alleged corruption of the entire process, and the snake-like movements of the corporate media.  Get the fck outta here if you intend to blame regular people for staying home because they don’t see a massive difference between a Wall St backed Clinton administration and a Wall St backed Trump administration.  Get the fck outta here if you intend to blame regular people for having a visceral reaction to trusting someone who seems to wriggle out of facing the consequences of her poor decisions.

I have already done my part to ensure a Democratic victory:  I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary.  If Hillary Clinton — the person you may have voted for — fails to beat Trump, it’s your fault.  You were warned.  You ignored those warnings.  You talked down to those who brought up Clinton’s enormous baggage.  You saw her troubling poll numbers and decided to ignore them.  You voted for her anyway.  A Trump Presidency (BOO! HISS!) would be a combination of Clinton’s fault and your fault for choosing her.

At some point current conditions have to improve, which is just another way of saying that the way things are right now have to end.  Because of decisions made by establishment politicians, we will either have to deal with the repercussions of a “President Trump” (BOO! HISS!!), or deal with the continuing sense of malaise as a consequence of another “President Clinton” (BLEH!).  I’m afraid that it’s already too late to avoid either.


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