[VID] Marc Lamont Hill Crystallizes the Problem with Bill Clinton’s Anti-BLM rant

Marc Lamont Hill on CNN talking about the problem with Bill Clinton’s full-throated defense of the 1994 Crime Bill which oversaw mass incarceration of black and latino people and instituted the 3-strikes laws.

I wasn’t able to catch the full panel discussion, but this clip crystallizes the problem with Bill Clinton’s asinine rant against #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Philadelphia.


MARC LAMONT HILL: The crime bill wasn’t about a policing revolution of information. It was a policing revolution of aggressive policing, over-incarceration, Draconian sentencing and racially disparate treatment of different groups. That was the issue here. And yes we should address black people who kill black people. That’s not the point.

But we’re not out here protesting black people who kill black people all the time because I don’t have the same expectations for the Bloods and Crips as I do for police. I expect police to not shoot me. I expect police not to be the judge, jury and executioner on an open street.

I expect politicians to engage in humane public policymaking. And that’s not what has happened and that’s where Hillary Clinton must be responsible. To once again not — to avoid responsibility and make it look like any black person that criticizes her somehow doesn’t care about safety or crime in the community is another irresponsible and dishonest move by the Clintons. And that’s what I find so profoundly frustrating. But thank you for your time.

Rush transcript. View video for accuracy

Show date: Apr 8 2016

And yes, Heather MacDonald really said “police go where the crime is” as if there haven’t been unwritten directives/suggestions to racially profile blacks (especially) and Latinos, and their neighborhoods. **facepalm**

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