Podcast 016: Who the Fck Are You To Put a Timer on Black Outrage?


The natural economic, social, and religious evolution of black and native peoples all over this world was changed by conspiring savages who sought to build their empires by using vulnerable Africans.

To be frank, some of your ancestors did all kinds of dastardly things which fcked up the natural progression of how African economies would have naturally evolved if otherwise left to grow at their own pace without having their resources and people stolen to build European empires.

You don’t get to put a clock on when somebody is supposed to “get over” things done to their people generations ago which has kept them from building wealth and forming connections to sustain their power.

It’s not up to you to tell black people it’s time to “move on” because slavery was in the 1800s — like nothing has happened between that time and now. It’s not something you get to decide. Whether that hurts your feelings is inconsequential.

{youtube}yYKez1bYoIg{/youtube} You don’t get to tell black people that they’re living in a color blind society as far as you’re concerned and so they need to “stop complaining” because they don’t have to call anybody ‘massa’ anymore. But it’s okay if we call them ‘boss’, right? B!tch, GTFOH.

How do you know all/most of Africa wouldn’t be just as wealthy and stable as most of Europe and the West had some of your ancestors not conspired to pillage, brainwash, rape and steal massive amounts of resources from the Continent?

What would’ve happened had the Dutch, French, Americans, Portuguese, British, etc not conspired to rape and steal millions of African people, divide them through language and brainwashing, breed them like dogs and use their labor to build Western and European economies?

So, some of your ancestors have already irreparably damaged nations and their people, But since it’s 2016, black folk are supposed to be over that sh!t, right?

We can’t even get all Southern states to take down that b!tch of a Confederate flag, but black folk are supposed to be “over” how their ancestors — how their mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts…. brothers…. sisters…. themselves — were treated by systems set up to keep most of them on the outside looking in?

We can’t even get a cop who killed a 12 year old black kid in the park to go to jail for doing it, but everything is supposed to be “over”?

All of these things are consequences of the type of power some of your hateful ancestors mercilessly wielded without consequence.

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