Podcast 015: Why is the Media Still Riding Trump’s Jock?


The corporate media is apparently still riding the Trump Train in search of higher ratings and more advertising dollars.   Members of the media know exactly how to deal with Donald Trump, but the invisible hand of their corporate owners are controlling this game.

We’ve seen what the media does when they don’t want to cover a specific subject: they just don’t cover it. Period.  There are no panel discussions, nor any public hand-wringing.  They just won’t tell you sh!t. Period.

In my constitutionally protected opinion, Trump is a goddamn fool and you’s a goddamn fool TOO if you believe he’s going to be able to ban Muslims, or build a ginormous wall between the U.S. and Mexico, or bomb the hell outta ISIS and make them magically disappear.

However, many in the media will not call it as it is because they are most concerned with courting his attention.  He rolls over, calls into some random show and the corporate owners appear content as a child with a lollipop.

If they could get away with it, the media would put a microphone up to Trump’s a$$ hole just to see what it had to say about Hillary Clinton…. Marco Rubio…. Jeb Bush…. whoever.

When is the last time you’ve heard anything about the T.P.P  or Bernie Sanders being covered in any substantial way by the Corporate media?  *crickets* Trump has support from Republican primary voters but is receiving the type of coverage given to someone who has already won the Republican primary.

But unlike ‘Vera’ in the movie Harlem Nights, the corporate media isn’t even an honest ho (read: whore).  None of their hos are honest hos either because they also cover Trump waiting on his disintegration — his Britney Spears-like meltdown or his ‘tragic fall’.  The corporate media wins either way and until that situation changes, we can expect more of the same.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, some voters hear what they want to hear from Trump.  He would promise them a purple unicorn if it meant he could finally get his hands on power which he can only gain by stroking their…egos.

The balance for his type of dangerous asininity — including his hateful rhetoric and the cotton-candy promises — was supposed to be the 5th Estate.  But I guess they’re now called “The 5th Estate, Inc (TM), a subsidiary of Faceless Holding Group (FHG), Inc  partnered with the FU Over Realgood Corporation, funded by Random Hedge Fund, LLC .”

B!tch, I can’t!

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