Post-Election 2016 Nonsense

Post-Election 2016 Podcast talking about Democratic stupidity, Dems blaming everybody but Hillary Clinton, and the party not understanding that the Republicans have been at war with them (and us) for a very long time.

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Emotionally blackmailing the Democratic base as elected officials seek to “work with” Trump, while they have no power to protect the rest of us, is foolish.

Pundits who want to continue their access to corporate media continue to refuse to criticize the media’s role in “President Trump.

Meanwhile, Clintonites continue to NOT understand how we are in this situation because of the ridiculous, arrogant campaign the Hillary Clinton camp and her supporters ran.

They blame 3rd parties, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, all of Trump’s racist voters, sexism, the sun AND gravity for Clinton’s loss to someone as transparently unqualified as Trump.

What they need to do is walk their a$$es over to a mirror and take a good long look.


Jimmy Dore – The Blame Game:
Chris Hedges/Cornell West:
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