Bernie Sanders and Rapper Killer Mike Discussing Real sh!t

Listen to Bernie Sanders and rapper Killer Mike have an in-depth, no-bullsh!t discussion about politics, economics and social justice.

Pay special attention to around 10 min 44 sec mark. 

I have never heard any other politician break it down so succinctly and directly with respect to how the rich and powerful have sought to purposely keep poor/working-class whites from unifying with Black and Latino people. 

The rich has, up until recently, been successful at the divide and conquer strategy.  That strategy teaches some white people that their lives are miserable because someone else — with NO power, NO money and NO connections — is taking something from them. 

In reality, people with power, money and connections are controlling the entire system.  And if a change is to be made, it can be done by scrutinizing and snatching power back from the Oligarchical class of douches who wouldn’t hesitate to poison your children if that meant 15 more cents in profit for the year.  Hello Detroit.  Hello Porter Ranch.

So… just watch the video!

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