Podcast: Charleston, Rachel Dolezal and Race

@whisperwatch – The Charleston killer is stupid, he's racist, he's hateful, he's poor, he has no power and he decided to make the black race pay for all of that.  

= Charleston =

@whisperwatch – The Charleston killer is stupid, he's racist, he's hateful, he's poor, he has no power and he decided to make the black race pay for all of that.  As if black people's ancestors haven't put enough work into this country already!  As if it's black people's fault his bowl-headed a$s felt inferior and had no power to do anything!

His problem  — if we want to get serious about it — is with his fellow white people, particularly the rich.  They have all the money and the power  to control almost everything in the country as now.  But he's not part of that economic class, so he needed a scapegoat.  And SOME of the rich in this country are content to let people think black and brown folk are the reason for disastrous public policies the rich have pushed through. 



00:00 Charleston and Race
04:10 This A$shole…
10:55 Race Is A Concrete Social Construct
19:02 Dolezal Abuse and Criticism
22:58 The Black Elite
24:56 Who is She Anyway
32:35 Suing Howard U for discrimination
35:31 Ridiculous Michael Jackson comparisons
40:51 You don't deserve a seat. Sit you ass on the floor
41:57 Who benefits from the social construct?
43:13 Looking the Other Way because She Wants to be Down
44:16 What if Raven wanted to be White?
47:24 Who has the backs of black women
49:30 Blackface
50:50 Dolezal and Black Hair
52:17 Be Authentic
53:43 Race is Real


They're content to let racists think that black and brown folk are taking over this country; as if their white ancestors owned America from the beginning of time; as if the descendants of black folk don't have a right to any form of ownership in a country their ancestors LITERALLY built with their own hands. 

Who did he think built this country?  What? Did he think George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were laying bricks, picking cotton and paving the streets in their powdered wigs?  Hell no.

Now that these black folk in Charleston are dead, what now?  The Confederate flag in South Carolina has a target on its back now.  He's still poor.  He's still stupid.  He still has no college education.  He still doesn't have a hot girlfriend.  The hottest girlfriend he's gonna have will probably be a ball-headed  250 pound guy who has all the time in the world to spend courting him properly.  AND the rich are still getting richer.  So what the hell was all that for?  What did he accomplish by killing black people in a church? Not a goddamn thing.

If he had problems with pursuing happiness in this country, his problem is with the rich.  But he didn't take his ass to Wall Street and start picking off stock brokers all willy-nilly. 

Had he been talking to his roommate or friends about ending the lives of Hedge Fund managers 6 months ago, his a$s would have been in jail the next day.  He knew that $hit would NEVER fly and his racism has conditioned him to believe in the innocence of his own kind first and foremost.   

All these people hearing him make threats and racist jokes, but not saying a damn thing can all hold hands to jump right into hell together. Fck all of em.

= Rachel Dolezal =

Rachel Dolezal can't waltz her happy ass into and out of 'blackness' at will.  This $hit ain't no haunted house ride at an amusement park.  That's why people have been so pissed off at her proclamations about being black.

My main point about this chick is that those defending her so strongly don't even know who she is.  Reports say she lied about whether her son was her real son and she lied about who her real father was.  Reports have come out since this video that she may have plagiarized some of her artwork and she once sued Howard University for discriminating against her because she was white. That last fact alone should end the discussion, but it won't.  

Defending her by trying to shame the black folk criticizing her is not gonna fly either.  I've yet to talk to one person using the 'what have you done for the black community' argument who can actually give me a list of things Dolezal's accomplished for the black community.  If that list exists, then that's wonderful.  But people are solely basing their opinions of what she's "done" on her title at the NAACP local chapter.   

How long has she worked for the NAACP?  What events did she organize? What did they accomplish at the events?  How many black folk did they help in the process?  Did black folk get helping paying the rent/mortgage? Did black folk get jobs? Did black folk get free or affordable legal representation?  Did black folk get help with navigating the system to secure housing?  I mean, I seriously want to know.  Nobody can tell me.   So if people want to use this argument but don't know anything about her work, umma need them to shut the fck up until they can show some receipts.  

Shoes keep droppin like rain around this lady and her family.  Wait until all the bones have fallen out of her closet before deciding to ride or die for this chick.  I don't even think we've heard the last of what the hell has been going on with her and that family.

I wouldn't have a problem if this was Rachel Dolezal's argument: 'I feel like I was born as part of the wrong culture'. She can move to someplace else or do other things to change the culture she's immersed in. She can join various organizations, etc. Her problem is a cultural one.

= Race =

1. Race – physical characteristics resulting from GENETIC ancestry
2. Ethnicity – a population group which share a CULTURE, NATIONALITY, language, etc
3. Nationality – belonging to a particular NATION by origin, birth, or naturalization
4. Transracial – Involving two or more races: example "a transracial adoption"
5. Gender – a person's ( or society's) view of what looks, feels, and acts masculine, feminine, androgynous, etc.
6. Sex – the physiological, biological characteristics of a person

Your 'race' is what it is because it's hereditary. You CAN'T change your ancestors of the genes they passed down to you.  I don't care how many spray tans you've gotten, how much nappy weave you've put in your hair, you don't have the genes for it.  You don't have the genes to pass down to your offspring.  They'll have to get that from the black dude you rode in on.

You CAN change your gender because it's not hereditary. Gender is what we've all collectively decided are feminine behaviors or masculine behaviors.  You don't specifically inherit a gender or a sex from one parent or the other.  Because your mother was female, it doesn't mean you'll be female.   Because your dad is male it doesn't mean you'll be male. But if both your parents are white (race), you're white.  If your parents are black (race), you're black.    

Caitlyn Jenner can change her gender from male to female.  But she cannot change from white to black because she can't change who her ancestors were and what genes where passed down to her. You see what I'm trying to say?  There's a difference and the two cannot be compared 1 to 1.

And keep Michael Jackson's name out of your fcking mouths in relation to this story!  Not once did Michael Jackson say he wanted to be 'transracial', or that he felt like a white man trapped in a black man's body.  

He didn't take a picture with a random white dude and tell everybody that was his dad.  He didn't sue anybody for discriminating against him for being white.  Jackson had vitiligo, a fact confirmed by his autopsy.

If you bought the media's narrative of Michael Jackson and treated him like $hit during his lifetime, you don't get to use him as an example of why Rachel Dolezal can declare herself black even though she ain't got the genes for it.  Get the fck outta here with that $hit.

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