Podcast 001: Charleston, Rachel Dolezal and Race

Storm Trooper, Storm Proof, Dylann McMillen, b!tch I don’t care what his name is. He’s stupid, he’s poor, he has no power and he decided to make the black race pay for that.

1 Race – physical characteristics resulting from GENETIC ancestry
2 Ethnicity – a population group which share a CULTURE, NATIONALITY, language, etc
3 Nationality – belonging to a particular NATION by origin, birth, or naturalization
4 Transracial – Involving two or more races: example “a transracial adoption”
5 Gender – a person’s ( or society’s) view of what looks, feels, and acts masculine, feminine, androgynous, etc.
6 Sex – the physiological, biological characteristics of a person

It’s not black people’s fault he felt inferior and had no power to do anything. His problem is with his fellow white people.

The rich have the money, the power and control of anybody who could otherwise help. But he didn’t take his ass to Wall Street and start picking off stock brokers because he knows that $hit would NEVER fly. Had he been talking about ending the lives of Hedge Fund managers 6 months ago, his a$s would have been in jail the next day.

All these people hearing him make threats and racist jokes, but not saying a damn thing? All of em can hold hands and jump right into hell together. Fck all of em.

This is why engaging in some academic thought experiments about race — the way in which they did it with Dolezal — is dangerous to me. This is why people need to quit falling all over themselves for this fake ass ‘transracial’/’racial fluidity’ argument. Could any of those people have stood up and said ‘I’m not black! I’m transracial!” and NOT get shot by that son of a b!tch? No. That thug knew exactly where to go and who to shoot.

I wouldn’t have a problem if this was Rachel Dolezal’s argument: ‘I feel like I was born as part of the wrong culture’. She can move to someplace else or do other things to change the culture she’s immersed in. She can join various organizations, etc. Her problem is a cultural one.

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