The Clinton Baggage is Real, Ignore it at Your Peril


I’m going to say this until progressives and other liberals get their heads out of the sand:  Hillary Clinton’s baggage is real and is not entirely the fault of baseless Republican attacks.

Let me start from the present and go back just a little bit to explain what I mean.

Apparently someone told Hillary Clinton to attack Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns.  The problem is Clinton’s vulnerability on the issue of transparency will prevent her from effectively making that argument against Trump.

When she goes after Trump about not releasing important information to the public, Trump can easily challenge her by saying he’s gonna find out why she hasn’t released the transcripts of her high-paid WallSt speeches.

Imagine a debate where Clinton says: ‘If you want to be President you have to release your tax returns so the American people will know exactly what you’ve done behind closed doors’

And Trump comes right back at her with: ‘I’ll release my taxes when you release your WallSt transcripts so the American people will know exactly what YOU’VE done behind closed doors!’

Clinton is uniquely unqualified to go after Trump on the issue of transparency because she has too much baggage.  Trump doesn’t need any of the allegations against her to be true.  He only needs to convince just enough Americans to distrust her and pay more attention to her alleged scandals than to his monstrous campaign.

And Clinton’s baggage is real, despite how some of her supporters try to dismiss it.  I’m not talking about stupid sh!t like her killing Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

There is real baggage on the Clinton side which includes but is not limited to: Defending her decision to destabilize Libya with NO effective plan to keep the region from falling into the hands of terrorists; making excuses for the coup in Honduras; the financial entanglements involving the Clinton Foundation; and the FBI investigation concerning her in-house email server.  Those are only a few weaknesses Trump will exploit.

We are in a period of upheaval and political change.   Bernie Sanders knows that.  To some extent, that publicity monster Donald Trump knows it too.

The American people generally feel like there’s something wrong with “the system” itself which includes both the government and the media.  Police brutality, racial strife, union busting, man-made disasters like people being poisoned with lead in Flint Michigan, almost a hundred thousand ppl fleeing for their lives because of a wildfire in Canada are all massive problems.

In addition to these massive problems, the political earth has shifted under the establishment’s feet.  The tone deaf establishment, which includes the Democratic party and their allies in the media, are showing a complete inability to be agile in the face of these facts.

Worse, the corporate media is obsessed with anything that can increase the rate they charge advertisers.  Right now that’s Trump TV all day every day. “News” appears to be a secondary concern.  The people running these systems seem wedded to counterfactual narratives and are refusing to change even when presented with the truth.

I feel like I can see the Democrats about to drive off a cliff by choosing the most flawed candidate with the most baggage in the entire race.  Instead of stopping or turning around, they’re acting like everything’s fine and are content with bashing the people trying to warn them.

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